Bulk uploading stories/reels/shorts

Note: You must read this article first: Importing content in bulk.

You can download the file template from here.

The following columns should be present in the file:

  • Content: Leave it empty in case of stories
  • Media: Can contain the full URL (link) to the image or video that you want to publish as a story, reel or shorts. Please make sure there is no permission needed to access the media file. The following sites can work for image uploads as they give direct links to images.
  1. https://www.linkpicture.com/en/?set=en (You can add multiple pictures at once. It's free and, secondly, a direct link is available separately).
  2. https://imgpile.com/ (Upload and share permanent links, a direct link is available)
  3. P.s:- (https://imgpile.com/i/nnH30G) this is not a direct link. https://imgpile.com/images/nnH30G.png, this is a direct link which is supported in bulk import.
  • Account: The name of the social account through which you want to schedule your content
  • Account Type: The type of your social media account—Instagram
  • Publish At: The date and time at which you want to publish your content—the date format should be dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm(am/pm). For example: 27/08/2019 04:30pm
  • Type: For a story, set it as Post and add an additional column "Post as Story" and write True under that.

Note: Please save your file in a CSV format, with a UTF-8 Unicode Text encoding. You can maximum add 100 posts/stories/reels/shorts at once.

Similarly, you can post Reels, Shorts etc. with the same format. Write "Post as Reel/Shorts" as heading and "True" in that column.

P.S. Unlike many other scheduling tools, there is no manual action while publishing stories. You will once schedule the story, and it will be automatically published at the appointed time. 

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