Creating a Respond Feed

In SocialBu, you can create Feeds for your social accounts to make sure you never miss any of the messages or posts from your fans/followers.

Assuming you are logged in to SocialBu, you can create a SocialBu Feed by following these steps.

Step 1 - To create a Feed, go to your Feeds (click on Respond on the left menu of SocialBu) and Click on Create a Feed or New Feed.

Step 2 - A pop-up will appear asking for the name of your new Feed.

Step 3 - The feed will be created and you will see the popup for configuring your newly created Feed.

  • 1) If you want to attach individual accounts to the Feed, choose those accounts, or you can also attach a Team to the Feed.
  • 2) You can choose who will be notified of new conversations.

A newly created Feed may not have anything for you yet. When there is a new message or a post, it will show in the Feed. The left side will show all the conversations while the right side of the Feed will load the whole conversation when you select one from the left side.

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