What is SocialBu Feed

Like any other social media feed, SocialBu feed provides updates whenever new content is available. Content in case of SocialBu depicts all the incoming messages, posts or comments received on your social media accounts.


Feeds also allow you to interact and respond to the conversations. For example, you can reply to the incoming messages and your reply to a Facebook post will be sent as a comment on the post. In the same way, if you are replying to a tweet or mention, your reply will be sent as a tweet in reply to the original tweet. 
You can also turn on email notifications for your Feed. SocialBu will notify you via email whenever your Feed has new conversations. 
Feeds are currently populated with the following items.
  • [Facebook] Messages
  • [Facebook] Posts on your page
  • [Facebook] Comments
  • [Facebook] Page Reviews
  • [Twitter] Direct Messages
  • [Twitter] Mentions
  • [Twitter] Tweets matching the keywords that you track
  • [Instagram] Direct Messages
  • [Instagram] Comments on your posts
  • [Instagram] Posts matching the hashtags that you track

You can respond to each of the above items. This way, you cannot miss any of the messages or posts by your audience, no matter which type of social media network they use.

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