Publishing and scheduling content

SocialBu allows you to publish content to your social media in two ways. You can either publish content to all your accounts immediately with a single click, or you can schedule it for later.

1. Assuming you are logged in, click on "+New Post" at the top-right side of any page. 

You can post anything you want to your social media accounts. Write the content you want to post, select social media accounts on which the post will be published, and you are done. You can either schedule the post for later or publish it right now. The post composer also lets you attach images or a video. 

In the case of team accounts, you need to select the team from the drop-down menu on right and the team accounts will show.

One thing you need to keep in mind is the character limit for the post text. It depends on the type of account you have selected for publishing. SocialBu will show you the allowed maximum limit for the number of characters.

If the post contains a link, it will automatically be posted as a link post to the social networks where links are supported. 

You can also save the post as a draft.

3. To schedule your post, click on the “Schedule” button. It will show you a popup where you can select the date and time. You can schedule your post at any time in the future. 

4. Once you have done scheduling your post, you can go to Publish > Scheduled to see all scheduled posts.

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