How to setup a Webhook Automation in Socialbu?

What's a Webhook?
A webhook is like a magic doorbell for your app. It lets your app know when something important happens, just like how a doorbell rings when someone is at your door.
What You Need:
- A SocialBu account where you can create automations.
Setting Up the Webhook
  1. Go to Automate: Open your SocialBu app and go to the "Automate" section. Then click on +New Automation and assign the name to your Automation.

  1. Select an Event: 
    • Look for a dropdown called Select Event under the When section.

    • Choose Webhook is triggered from the list.

    • A special URL will be generated for you (like an address for your magic doorbell).

Send a POST Request: To activate the magic doorbell, you need to send a POST request (a type of message) to the special URL. This tells your app to start doing the actions you picked.

Choose What Happens Next
  • In the "Perform these actions" section, choose what you want to happen when the webhook is triggered. You can following actions:
    1. Send an email
    2. Publish a post
    3. Add a post to a queue
    4. Send an HTTP request (another type of message)

  • You can also attach pictures or videos if you need to.
  • You can schedule when you want the action to happen.

Save Your Automation
  • Click Save: Once you’ve set everything up, click the Save button to keep your automation.

And that’s it! You’ve set up a webhook. Now your app will know right away when something important happens and will do exactly what you want it to do.
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