Using the Calendar

Assuming you are logged in to SocialBu, go to Publish > Calendar (or go directly to to see your social media content calendar.

Get an overall view of all your social media posts

On this calendar, all the posts published before and all the posts scheduled to be published are shown. You can also change the calendar's view type to weekly or monthly if needed. 

To view post/content, either move the cursor on the post or click it, a popup will open with the details about that particular post.

The details included (but not limited to the following) are:

  • The scheduled time for the publishing of the post
  • Post creator: In case when entire teams are working together and collaborating on SocialBu, this will tell you who has added the post
  • The account on which the post was or will be published
  • The content of the post and attachments (if any)

Create posts directly from the Calendar

Click on a particular day/date, click + and it will open post composer, so you can create a post to be published on that date.

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