Adding a Reddit Account

SocialBu now supports Reddit profiles and subreddits as well. In order to connect and use your Reddit account with SocialBu, go to Social Accounts from the dropdown list under your profile name.

From there, click on the “+Add Account” button, and then select Reddit (Profile, Subreddits)

Now, you’ll be redirected to the permissions page. Click on “Allow” to give SocialBu access to your account.

You will now get a pop-up on your screen from where you can select your profile or subreddits in order to use via SocialBu.

Once, you select and click on Add. Your account will be successfully connected to SocialBu.

Now, in order to create a post for your Reddit account, click on the “+ New Post” button and select the account in which you want to publish your post. Design your post and schedule it accordingly.

To Add first comment in Reddit:

Write the post and add any pictures or videos. Then go to "Show options".

In the "Show options" section, you can add the "First comment."

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