Instagram Direct Access connection is not supported anymore

From 25th March, 2023, Instagram Direct Access connection won't be functional. We request to connect Instagram Direct Access accounts via Facebook. Mainly Direct Instagram stories scheduling and publishing will be effected with this change. We are working on an alternative and will bring something that will keep your stories posting efforts at minimum.

However, you can use Instagram accounts connected via Facebook to post:

  1. Single media file post
  2. Carousel (multiple media files)
  3. Video post and Reels

Step-by-step guide to reconnect your Instagram Direct Access accounts via Facebook

  1. Go to Social Accounts page
  2. Look for Instagram account/s connected via Direct Access method. Those accounts that have "Instagram Account (direct)" as a type are the ones connect via Direct Access  
  3. Click on the account (it will open a pop-up) and then click on Reconnect button 
  4. Click on connect. It will redirect you to Facebook for account connection 
  5. Select account/s that you want to manage via SocialBu from list and make sure you have give all the required permission to SocialBu to manage your accounts
  6. Once you have selected all the accounts and finish Facebook connection process, you will be redirected back to SocialBu
  7. Select accounts from the pop-up and click on Add button 
  8. That's all. Your accounts should be connected and ready to publish. You can check all your connected accounts with status on Social Accounts page

If you face any issue while connecting your account, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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