Connecting and Using Mastodon Account

SocialBu now also supports Mastodon profiles along with other Social Media platforms which were already supported like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business.

In order to manage a Mastodon account through SocialBu, the first thing you will need to do is connect your account to SocialBu by going to the Social Accounts Page.

  • Click on + Add Account button and then choose Mastodon (Profiles)
  • Write your Mastodon Domain on the pop-up and then Continue

(For example, if your username along with domain is [email protected] then you will write on domain section)

After this, it will redirect you to the Authorization page. Click on Authorize and your account will be connected to SocialBu.

Once your account is connected your Mastodon account is ready to use. If you want to design a post for your account, open the post composer.

You can write your post with up to 500 characters and 4 media files along with a Spoiler Text.

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