How do I evaluate my Team's performance in SocialBu?

If you have created a team in SocialBu and you’re managing the accounts with different team members then you can also evaluate through our platform how your team is performing.

For this you will go to the Team section under Analyze part and set the filter (which team and date range to measure their performance). There you will get reports with different metrics like Publishing Overview, Top Members and Tops Posts.

In Publishing Overview, you will see the total engagement your team has earned, the number of posts they scheduled, the posts they published across different platforms and the number of posts they created but got rejected by the other team member.

Top Members part would point out the team members and their contributions towards managing the accounts. It will show total engagement their individually scheduled posts have gained, the number of posts they scheduled, the number of posts that were actually published on social channels and the number of posts which got rejected due to any reason.

Top Posts show the top 10 posts that were scheduled and published by your team on different social media platforms on the basis of the engagement they got.

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