How to connect Facebook Group

SocialBu now supports Facebook groups as well along with Facebook pages. Facebook groups can be connected to SocialBu the same way you connect a Facebook page.

Please make sure that you have installed the SocialBu app in the Facebook group you are admin of before connecting it.
Installing SocialBu app in your Facebook group to manage:
  • In order to install the SocialBu app in your Facebook group, you will need to go to the groups section from your Facebook feed and then go to the group you want your SocialBu content to be published on.
  • After this, scroll down a bit on the left menu and there you will see an option for “Group settings”.
  • Then, scroll down the right menu and there you will get the option to “Manage advanced settings”.
  • From there click on the edit option opposite to “Apps”.

  • Click on the “Add Apps” button on the pop-up.
  • Write SocialBu in the search bar, select SocialBu and then add it. 

SocialBu app should be installed successfully after the above steps. Now, you need to add Facebook group/s in SocialBu. Please follow the below-mentioned steps

Adding Facebook Group in SocialBu

  • Go to Social Accounts page and click on + Add Account button. 
  • Click on Facebook 
  • Select the group/s from drop-down to manage them via SocialBu. 
  • That's all!
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