Creating a SocialBu Automation

SocialBu Automation is very helpful and can be used to automate certain actions on your social media. It does not only make it easier for you to handle your social media accounts but also improves your efficiency. The following steps will help you set up automation for your account.

Step 1 - Click on Automate on the sidebar menu.

Step 2 - Click on +New Automation at the top right corner.

Step 3 - A pop-up window will ask you to name your automation. For example, if you want to set up an automatic reply for the comments on your Facebook page posts, you will probably name it as “Responding to comments on X post”. Set the name and click on Next to proceed.

Step 4 - You will see this page once you’ve named your Automation. The next few steps will help you understand each functionality available on this page.

Step 5 - First, you must choose an event. Different events are available under the drop-down list of When. There are also network-specific events. Choose an Event to move onto the next step.

Step 6 - You may need to select your social media account for the automation. Next, you must decide on the actions for this event. In the case depicted in the screenshot below, the action will be to reply to the comment on the post.

Step 7 - After setting the action, the next step is to fill in the details required by the action.

Step 8 - You can also limit your automation to be executed only when some conditions are satisfied. For that, you can add conditions by clicking on the add condition. For example, if we want to respond only to a specific comment with some keyword, we must set a condition to filter the comments that our system should respond to.

You can also check when your automation has executed by clicking on LOG.

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