Does SocialBu have a referral program?

Yes, gladly, SocialBu is offering a referral program and accepting new applicants.  

You will get an affiliate commission for SocialBu each time you refer people to the SocialBu website. The best part of the SocialBu referral program is it is free, it has no so-called ‘first-time fee' you can earn simply by referring people to the SocialBu website. You have to join the affiliate program by using this link:

You can earn a 20% commission for every payment.

To join the referral program requires a SocialBu account if you want to work as a SocialBu affiliate. You have to create a SocialBu account (if you don't already have one) and let them know through the email address about the email address you used for your SocialBu account. 
You can promote SocialBu on your website, and your social media accounts, so there is no limitation in this respect.  
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