Schedule Instagram Reels

You can schedule Instagram Reels in SocialBu and it's a 100% automated process (no manual action, no reminder, no notification). 

To schedule Instagram Reels:

  1. make sure your Instagram account is connected via Facebook. We show 'Instagram Business' as an account type for those Instagram accounts that are connected via Facebook. You can confirm account type on the accounts page.
  2. Click on '+Create' button at the top-right side and then select 'New Post' 
  3. Select Instagram account/s (Instagram Business) from the composer 
  4. Select a video that you want to post as Reels (only one video file should be selected) 
  5. Click on 'All Options' at the bottom right side of the composer 
  6. Tick the box 'Post as Reel' 
  7. Click on the 'Schedule' button to select the date and time to post later or click on 'Post Now' to publish it right away.

Note: Instagram recommends a 9:16 aspect ratio of the video to avoid cropping or blank spaces and Reels duration must be 3 seconds to 15 minutes.

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