How to fix Account Connection Issue

If you are facing an issue while adding/reconnecting your social account, especially for Facebook and Instagram profiles, please go through the following troubleshooting checklist:

  1. Disable ad-blocker (if there is any) if you are unable to see a pop-up in SocialBu to select social accounts after redirecting from social platform. Sometimes, ad-blocker interrupts the functionality of a website like a pop-up, etc.
  2. You have permission to connect your social account to SocialBu. For this, please make sure you are the admin of the social page or have permission to connect the social page with a third-party tool like SocialBu.
  3. You have given all necessary permissions to SocialBu on Facebook while connecting pages.
  4. For Instagram, make sure your Instagram account type is Business (other account types are not supported due to API limitations)
  5. For Facebook, make sure you are adding a Facebook page (only Facebook pages are supported for now)
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