Error: The account must be a string.

If you are getting the error "The content must be a string". 

There are two possible scenarios: 
  1. CSV file has special characters in it that are not supported/accepted.
  2. CSV file format is ANSI (or something else) instead of UTF-8.
For the first scenario, please replace/remove special characters from your content and then try to upload again in SocialBu. If the problem still persists then there is a possibility that your file format is not UTF-8. You can change file format to UTF-8 via following methode:
  1. Open the file in notepad and check the file format at the bottom right.
  2. Now, Save As this file and make sure you select UTF-8 encoding while saving.

That's all. Now, please upload your file in SocialBu again and see how it goes. If the problem still continues then please reach out to our support.

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