How to find and upvote Feature Request in the roadmap?

A user’s request or demand for new features gives us direction to work in future. We really appreciate that. The main purpose of this help article is to tell step by step how you can add or upvote requested features in our roadmap which is directly used by our developers in order to prioritize future updates.

Step 2: Login with your SocialBu account.
Step 3: Click on Feature Requests
Step 4A: Apply the Filter to see which feature you want to upvote (in case to upvote existing requests) or use the Search option.
Step 5: Click on the Upvote Button to upvote your Required feature
Step 6: Add New Feature Request in Our Roadmap ( in case if that’s not previously available )
Write the title or functionality of that feature and explain a bit in the description box so we know what exactly you want to see in future.

That’s how you can do adding or upvoting feature requests in SocialBu Roadmap. 👍
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