Getting started as a team member in a team

If you are a team member of somebody else’s team and want to know how you can proceed to be a part of their team and help the team manage the social media accounts then these are the steps to follow.

  • First, create your account in SocialBu. (it can be a Free plan)
  • Ask your Team Admin to add you to the team via your email ID.
  • You’ll get both a team invitation email (if you are unable to find an email then please do check out the spam or promotion tab of your mail inbox) and a notification on the SocialBu teams page. After you accept the invite you will become a part of the team.
  • You will have access to only those features/tasks for which a team admin has given you permissions in the team settings.
If your role is to schedule posts for your team account then open the post composer and choose the team from the drop-down list just next to Select All checkbox option and then select the platform/s for which you want to create the post.
Similarly, if you want to do the Instagram stories then select your team from the drop-down option.
Likewise, if your job is to just handle the inbox of your team’s accounts then you’ll go to the Respond section.
If you are unable to find accounts of your team then please make sure that you have selected the right team wherever it is applicable.
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