Sending Posts for Approval

If you are working in a team and your duty is to create posts but that can only be scheduled once your team lead/client or someone who has the permission to approve the post approves then here are some steps to create and send posts for approval.

  • Click on +Create button at the top-right side.
  • Choose the option New Post or New Story
  • Next step is to choose your team from the drop-down list just next to the Select All checkbox, and then choose the social media platform/s for which you want to create the post.
  • Once, you will design your post and schedule it. It will directly go to the person in the ‘Awaiting Approval’ who has permission to approve the content for that team.
Note: If you also have the permission to approve the content then the post will directly be scheduled without going in Awaiting Approval. 
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