Adding Users and Setting up Permissions in your Team

Within SocialBu you can manage your accounts with multiple team members, each having some different responsibilities.

  • First of all create a team and then go to the ‘Members and Access’ option.
  • Write the email address of the team member here with which they have signed up to SocialBu.( a team member can be a Free Plan user)
  • In this way add all the members you want to add. Once all the members have been added to the team you can assign them their roles.
  • Select the option ‘Permissions’ on the right hand side in front of every team member’s name.
  • Click on that and you will see a list of functions each user can perform. 
  • Check ✅ if you want to grant that permission and uncheck if you want to take that permission away.
In this way, you can assign each and every team member its duties. 
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