How to create team in Socialbu

SocialBu's team feature is very dynamic and can be used to group brand or project accounts. So whenever you want to create posts, automation, feed, etc. just for that brand/project, you can easily select all accounts of that project at once. Here is the step by step process:

  1. Go to teams (click on your name at the top-right and then select Teams) 

    Click on the + New Team button at the top-right side.

  2. Give a name to your team/brand/project. 4. If content approval is enabled, the content will only be published once approved. If it is not enabled, the content will not require any approval before getting published. 

5. Type the name of those social accounts that you want to add to this group. If you are unable to find your social account then please make sure that your account is connected and active on Accounts page.  

6. To give access to this group, you can add your team member or client by entering email address in the Members and Access area and selecting them. 

7. Now you can choose what permissions you want to assign to each team member or to a specific client. You can also make these members the admin of the SocialBu team which means that they can add or remove new members and set permissions.

Note: Team members or clients must have to accept email invites to join and access accounts. They must have to create a SocialBu account.

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