Connecting Instagram through Facebook or the direct method

SocialBu is an official Instagram partner which means that you can link your Instagram account to SocialBu through the official Instagram API.

The new API integration is only possible for business pages and the direct method to connect is also available.

Comparison between the 2 methods

Connecting through Official API  Direct Integration 
Story scheduling is not available Story scheduling is available
You can manage comments and mentions  You can manage messages, comments, and mentions 
Can publish one image or video in a post     Can publish image, carousel, or video post
Only for Instagram Business accounts Can work with all accounts

We will be explaining both ways to connect briefly:

Connecting through Facebook 

  • Go to your accounts setting in SocialBu

Go to the settings and then click on the drop-down button in the top right corner, then select accounts. 

  • Click on the add account button

 This page is showing all your linked accounts. Go to the top right corner, and click the “add account” button.

  • Choose Instagram 

Now you will be asked which platform your intended new account belongs to? Select Instagram.

  •  Choose how you want to connect your account 

At this point, you will be given two options. Choose to connect your account through Facebook. 

  • Choose to connect through Facebook 

The prerequisite for this is that you will have to connect your Instagram account through your Facebook account. So your Instagram account has to be linked to your Facebook account.

Please note that you will not be able to schedule stories and monitor feeds through this method.

  • Confirm your account 

Complete connecting your account.

Now select the Facebook account which is attached to your desired Instagram account. 

Connecting directly by adding credentials 

You can also add the account by providing your credentials. More about that here.

Note: This is an equally secure way for you to connect your account. There is no data security issue with this process. All the information is encrypted before being used.

The recommended way to use these Integrations

In order to use all the features successfully, we recommend you to use both methods simultaneously. You will have to connect your Instagram account by both methods. You will be shown 2 account icons. You can do posting with the officially integrated account while can schedule the story through the direct account. 

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